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The fact that there was a starbucks cup in tonight’s game of thrones that no producers or editors noticed throughout multiple cuts merely 1 week after the dp yelled that the show’s not too. Speaking with tmz, game of thrones art director hauke richter confirmed that it is not a starbucks cup, suggesting instead that the cup came from a local coffee shop in bainbridge, ireland, near.

Game of Thrones' Removes Starbucks Coffee Cup Mistake From

May 7, 2019 at 10:46 a.m.

Game of thrones coffee cup starbucks. Hbo has explained *that* coffee cup in game of thrones (and no, it's not from starbucks) posted mon monday 6 may may 2019 at 11:50pm mon monday 6 may may 2019 at 11:50pm , updated tue tuesday 7. Further interviews with tmz revealed that it is not a starbucks cup of coffee. Game of thrones season 8 airs on hbo in the us and sky atlantic and now tv in.

The coffee giant got a huge shoutout when a humble takeaway cup (probably a starbucks cup) made its way to the medieval ages of winterfell in game of thrones' latest episode from the final season. Others had some fun with the supposed starbucks connection. Instead game of thrones art director hauke richter confirmed that this came from a local coffee shop in bainbridge, ireland where the show was being filmed that day.

‘game of thrones’ left a starbucks coffee cup in scene and fans are losing it daenerys targaryen breaks chains, flies dragons, and apparently has a soft spot for starbucks coffee. Hbo confirms that game of thrones’ starbucks coffee cameo was a mistake hbo quietly removed the coffee cup from game of thrones romance is dead on game of thrones These bridgerton mistakes are reminding game of thrones fans of the starbucks coffee cup that inexplicably appeared in the background during the hbo series' final season.

“the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Game of thrones producer apologises for coffee cup mistake: Hbo has removed the coffee cup that was mistakenly seen in “game of thrones” season eight, episode four, “the last of the starks.” hbo has edited it out.

That ‘game of thrones’ coffee cup is worth at least $250,000 to starbucks published: Guys it's not starbucks, it's winterfell's own coffee chain dire cup #gameofthrones, one twitter user said. Here is a better look at the cup that can be seen in game of thrones.

Apparently, emilia clarke wants her character, daenerys targaryen, to have the last laugh in the great game of thrones starbucks gaffe of 2019. — danny bowes (@bybowes) may 6, 2019. Perhaps one of the most hilarious scenarios would be arya stark trying to order a cup of coffee as the barista asks her for her name.

After viewers spotted an anachronistic coffee cup. If anything we have learned in the eight seasons of game of thrones so far is that the makers like to do things larger than life. It's hilarious to imagine all of the game of thrones characters doing something as modern and mundane as ordering a grande soy latte with extra whip at starbucks.

So this is where we're at now! The rogue modern coffee cup that somehow made its way into the latest episode of “game of thrones” was not from starbucks, as many fans initially speculated, according to hbo. The starbucks cup is a deliberate clue by the daves that game of thrones and monty python and the holy grail have the same ending.

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