Coffee Filter Butterfly With Watercolor

Photo by mike petrucci on unsplash. The color will run up the moist coffee filter.

Coffee Filter Butterfly This kids craft is easy to make

Allow the filters to dry.

Coffee filter butterfly with watercolor. Fold the top of the dried filter into the center. Watercolor paints (we used our homemade watercolor paints) paintbrush; Glue (we recommend hot glue if a parent is available to assist) instructions:

Provide each child with a coffee filter, clothespin and paint brush. Dip the wedge into the colored liquid for about 2 seconds. Using coffee filters, magic markers (or paint) and water, you can make delightful butterfly sculptures.

Let it dry, and have them pinched into a butterfly shape with pipe cleaners or clothes pins. Slide the filter into the clothespin creating the wings of the butterfly. The kids can drip the water colors onto the filters or ‘paint’ them.

The kids will want to create art. Watercolor origami butterflies made using coffee filter paper! Tie a piece of fishing line around the “neck” and suspend from the ceiling.

Have the children lightly paint their coffee filters with the water colors. Tie a string around the butterfly and hang it up to admire it! Pick your favorite colors and go wild!

But have you tried making watercolor art with coffee filters? Such a simple & fun process to make these beautiful butterflies! After they are dried, squish the coffee filter up in the middle so it starts to look like butterfly wings.

Take a coffee filter and have kids color them with washable markers. You can add more food coloring for a more vibrant hue. A perfect little kids craft for spring, you can help your own hungry caterpillars blossom into beautiful butterflies with this coffee filter craft from one little project.

You can do the same design or a different one. Retrace all the faint lines with sharpie. Curl at the ends slightly.

Begin by laying the coffee filters out as flat as possible. This was a great joint activity! By angela hopkins [angela is a teacher at kindercare in freeland, michigan.] what you need:

These dreamy watercolor snowflakes will brighten up any winter day. Students will be able to create a butterfly out of everyday art supplies. Set aside on paper towels to dry.

Paint the whole surface of the filter, and be sure to have something underneath as the watercolors will go through the filter. Then clip the clothes pin where it is squished up. It's not watercolor painting at all but it's bright colors and beautiful blends.

Check this out for more spring craft ideas! Using just a coffee filter and a few other supplies, you can have a whole flock of these beauties in no time! Butterfly , chenille stem , coffee filter , paint , pipe cleaner crafts , spring , watercolor

First, you want to grab a single coffee filter and open it up, spreading it flat on your painting surface. Last step is to add antennae using the pipe cleaner. Flatten the coffee filter and place it on a plate or newspaper, the paint and water will soak through.

When both filters are dry, fold each piece accordion style and use pin to secure in the middle. Gather the rest up from the bottom, and wrap the middle with half a pipe cleaner to form the body and antennae. Then let them mist the coffee filter with water from a spray bottle.

Animals & insect crafts , easter , preschool , preteen , school age crafts & activities for kids , spring , summer , toddler tagged with: The first step is the most fun — paint the butterfly’s wings. Watercolor markers (we used crayolas) pencils;

Liquid watercolors (more vibrant results) or diluted paint, water/food coloring mixture; So i know you are asking, ‘why use coffee filter paper to make origami?’ Coffee filter “fuzzy sticks” / pipecleaner;

Coffee filters watercolor paints paint brush pipe cleaners water. Repeat the same steps on another filter. Pour the liquid watercolors into small mason jars, muffin tins, or paint trays.

Paint coffee filters with paint using water droppers. After gathering supplies, place several sheets of paper towel in a craft tray, then lay 1 sheet of color diffusing paper or 1 coffee filter over the paper towels. Trace over all the sharpie lines again (this helps transfer ink to the other half of the filter paper).

Fun butterfly craft for kids. Kids can share paints and water if needed. The colorful results of this coffee filter craft stand alone or can be used for so many things!

Cut a pipe cleaner in half. I suggest putting the coffee filter on a paper plate or other nonporous surface because the watercolor paints will soak right through the coffee filter. They can also be made with clothes pins for the body.

Alternatively, roll the filter into a cone and dip the tip into water so the colors bleed and spread. They will look like they are flying! Lay the coffee filter on a flat surface.

Spritz the filter with water so the colors bleed and blend, then let it dry completely. Let the coffee filter completely dry. Smooth the coffee filter out so it is flat.

Use sharpie to draw 1/2 a butterfly on the folded paper. To get the watercolor look, you are going to rinse the coffee filters in a little bit of water and then set them out or hang them up to dry. Emma and i made ‘thank you’ cards for her teachers using up all the coffee filters she has painted and the flower stamps we made last week.

Generally, you mix paint or food dye in a bowl with water and dip the filters in to colour them. Use your watercolor paints to decorate the coffee filter. Fold the chenille stem in half.

Here is how to get started. Adjust and open filter to make it look like butterfly wings. For a more vibrant butterfly, be sure to paint all white areas of the coffee filter with paint.

Coffee filter watercolor art | coffee filter art, coffee filter crafts, easy art projects. To make these cute butterflies, you’ll need coffee filters, watercolor pants, pony beads, and pipe cleaners. Moisten the wedge by spraying with some water.

How to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint. It's a fun craft using supplies you already have!. This will make applying the paint easier.

(remember, you are only using half of a chenille stem to begin with.) 3.

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